Yoga Styles

Vinyasa Flow

fluid & continuous movement through different asanas. Dynamic, energizing and flowing practice. Yoga experience recommended.

60 or 90 minutes

Ashtanga Yoga Half Primary

flowing, dynamic form of Yoga, which promotes flexibility and power and energizes the body. First half of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga. yoga experience recommended. 

90 minutes

Yin Yang Yoga

explore the polarities between active and passive, fiery and cooling,  all within one practice.

The body is warmed up with a dynamic flow sequence during the first part of the class.
in the second part of the class, we take time to  stay in passive poses to stretch muscles and connective tissues. suitable for all levels.

90 minutes

Yin Yoga

long, passive holding of floor poses; this stretches the muscles and deeper connective tissues.

challenges mental and physical boundaries; yet, yin yoga leaves us calm and peaceful.

This practice is appropriate for students of all levels, especially recommended as a complementary practice ,
for practitioners of more powerful yoga styles, as well as athletes.

90 minutes

Senior Yoga

great for active seniors, who want to keep their body and mind in good shape. Gentle Hatha Yoga class, which focuses on relaxation and breath; but still stretches and strenghtens the body.

60 or 90 minutes